What is TIMES?

TIMES – Institutional Trajectories and Social Enterprise Models in Portugal is a research project at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, aiming at contributing to the knowledge of the meaning, profile, institutional context and roles of SE in Portugal, in order to help strengthening its role in solving social and societal problems.

The project team is multidisciplinary, covering sociology, law, economics and management and has investigated in the fields of the third sector, social and solidarity economy, gender equality in NGOs, volunteering, cooperativism, management and quality in the third sector, social policies and welfare mix, social entrepreneurship innovation, cooperative law, social enterprises, innovation and territorial development.

Internationally, the project is connected to the conceptual and methodological proposals of the international project ICSEM - International Comparative Social Enterprise Models, and with the COST Action EMPOWER-SE – Empowering the Next Generation of Social Enterprise Scholars.


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